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Establish a Recruitment Company in Bulgaria

Establish a Recruitment Company in Bulgaria

recruitment company in Bulgaria can offer human resources consulting and suitable services designated for all clients who want to reach the goals with high qualified employees in the country. Our company formation agents in Bulgaria can offer complete information and guidance when preparing the documents for a recruitment company registration in Bulgaria.

Steps in opening a recruitment company in Bulgaria

The company registration in Bulgaria is a simple process and the foreign or local entrepreneur can start the activities right away, as a limited liability company (also known as OOD in Bulgaria) or an AD, which is known as a joint stock company. The Bulgarian Registry Agency is in charge of registering the companies in the country, including the recruitment agencies, if the candidates provide the necessary documentation with the help of our consultants and agree with the following requirements:

•    reserve a name for your company;

•    prepare the articles of association;

•    prepare the signature specimen;

•    open a bank account for the minimum share capital;

•    register for VAT;

One should know that the Financial Supervision Commission in Bulgaria issues the licenses for your recruitment company in the country, where drafting the company’s documents is mandatory.

Our specialists in company formation in Bulgaria are able to offer suitable assistance when deciding to set up a recruitment company in Bulgaria.

Why open a recruitment company in Bulgaria?

Local or foreign businessmen who want to establish their presence in the Bulgarian market need to hire experienced staff. A recruitment company in Bulgaria will always use a proper approach to the applicants and will verify the experience before suggesting any person. The Bulgarian recruitment firms are specialized in different areas, for instance, a company will have a database of potential candidates who can work in IT, financial services, education, call centers, agriculture or health.

It is quite important to establish from the beginning the area you wish to succeed in, as a recruitment company in Bulgaria. It is good to know that the workforce in Bulgaria contains skilled and experienced people, who speak and write in English, one of the mandatory conditions companies in the country require.  A Bulgarian recruitment enterprise can be a proper business option and many contracts can be signed with local or foreign companies in search for the best candidates, according to their needs.

Bulgaria is an optimal business destination, and those interested in opening a company can contact our accountants in Bulgaria. In addition to bookkeeping and payroll, the company also needs audits or complete financial reports. Also, those interested can benefit from wealth management services, and expert tax advice, on request. Therefore, we can provide a wide range of services for your firm.

If you have any other questions about how to open a recruitment company in Bulgaria, you are invited to contact our team of company formation representatives in Bulgaria.