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Gambling Activities in Bulgaria

Gambling Activities in Bulgaria

The gambling activities in Bulgaria have been thriving in recent years due to a permissive legislation that addresses to both domestic and foreign investors. Setting up casinos in Bulgaria is not only easy but among the business opportunities that come in the attention of entrepreneurs looking to prosper in this part of Europe and particularly in this industry. If you are interested in opening a company in Bulgaria, whether in the gambling sector or in any field of interest, we suggest you address to our team of company formation representatives in Bulgaria.

The Gambling Act in Bulgaria

The Gambling Act 2012 replaced the one enforced in 2009 in Bulgaria, but it preserved the main regulatory framework related to the gaming activities and developed a series of proposals for online gambling operators among many others. According to the legislation, the gaming activities can be set up by private businesses or by state-owned companies, if all the licenses are acquired. It is good to know that the Bulgarian legislation respects the EU directives in the gambling sector

What are the rules for activating in the gambling sector in Bulgaria?

Knowing from the start the rules of establishing a company in the gaming sector in Bulgaria will help the entrepreneurs have a fast start in the competitive and appealing sector. Complete support can be offered by our agents, but feel free to observe the following conditions:

  • • companies interested in establishing online gambling activities must have a physical address in Bulgaria;
  • • a local bank account is necessary for an online gaming company in Bulgaria;
  • • gambling advertising is strictly forbidden in Bulgaria;
  • • it is mandatory to register for tax purposes before starting the activities in the gaming sector.

The good news is that the tax system for the gambling sector in Bulgaria has been modified, meaning that the lower tax rates have been introduced. We remind that all the gambling activities in Bulgaria must respect the Gambling Act in Bulgaria and its new provisions introduced in 2012. Casinos dealing with poker games, sports betting, slot machines, roulette games, and dice games are permitted in Bulgaria.

If you plan to open a startup in Bulgaria, our team of specialists offers you the necessary support in this direction. We can prepare the necessary documents and help you with the registration for the payment of taxes. BGN 2 is the minimum share capital that can be deposited in a bank account before starting activities. Therefore, we invite you to discuss with us all aspects related to the registration of such a business in Bulgaria.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Bulgaria if you would like to start a business in Bulgaria and activate in the gaming sector.