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Open a Website in Bulgaria

Open a Website in Bulgaria

Most businesses in Bulgaria decide on opening websites for promoting their goods and services and direct to online customers who prefer purchasing items this way. More than 50% represents the rate of internet users in Bulgaria, and a solid rate is associated with the online purchase on a daily basis. Whether you would like to open an online company or with a physical establishment in Bulgaria, we recommend you talk to our team of company formation agents in Bulgaria and ask about the related requirements.

How can I register an online business in Bulgaria?

The registration of a website in Bulgaria starts with deciding on the business entity which needs to be registered at the Trade Register. The limited liability company or the OOD as it is named in Bulgaria represents the suitable business entity when deciding on an online company. The simple formalities are linked to the Articles of Association which need to comprise information about the name of the website, of the owners, details about the minimum share capital and information about the activities and the purposes of the online company.

We invite you to contact our accountants in Bulgaria and discover the services offered by our team of specialists. You will thus be able to benefit from payroll services for your business in Bulgaria, bookkeeping, support for tax registration, audits, preparation of annual financial statements, and more. Those interested in other services can request wealth management, risk assessment, and evaluation of the firm. Contact us for more details.

The main requirements of a website in Bulgaria

Opening a website in Bulgaria requires the attention on several regulations at the time of registration:

  • • the domain name must end with .bg, the country’s internet code;
  • • an administrative and a technical contract need to be created;
  • • a person needs to be authorized for the technical operations of the website;
  • • the registrant is the entity or person in charge of the domain name registration;
  • • the name of the website cannot contain obscene and/or prohibited words.

Why should I open a website in Bulgaria?

Aligning the business with today’s trends should be in the attention of any entrepreneur deciding for company formation in Bulgaria. Presenting the products, the services, and the offers in an attractive manner can be made with the help of a website linked to the company’s activities. A website can contain information about the company, services, prices, payment methods and contact forms. We also remind that a website in Bulgaria needs to align with the new GDPR regulations set by the EU parliament this year in May.

We invite you to contact our specialists in company incorporation in Bulgaria for assistance and advice in opening a website in Bulgaria.