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Shelf Company in Bulgaria

Shelf Company in Bulgaria

Entrepreneurs who wish to buy a ready-made company in Bulgaria should know the main conditions such a business should meet, at the moment of acquisition. Any shelf company in Bulgaria needs to have the value added tax (VAT) number, the  certificate of incorporation, the Articles of Association and a registered office in Bulgaria. Foreign investors who want to purchase a ready made company in Bulgaria can get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in Bulgaria and find out complete information and support in this matter.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities available for shelf company

Limited liability company 

Time required for purchasing the company

A few days

Types of features it includes (corporate bank account, VAT number, etc)

– bank account,

–  tax number,

– legal address,

– trading name

The advantages of a shelf company

– rapid purchase & ownership transfer,

– fast start on the market,

– acess to bank loans

Appointing new directors 


Capital increase allowed


Certificate of no commercial activities


Modify the objects of activity Yes
Participants in the purchase procedure Buyer (or representative) & seller
The cost of buying a shelf company   Depending on age and  fees for registration

How to purchase a shelf company in Bulgaria

When buying a shelf company in Bulgaria, you can select from enterprises integrated as limited liability companies, or as joint stock companies. The Bulgarian legislation specifies that after the ownership transfer has been made, the new owner can change the business name of the enterprise. The reassignment of ownership is made under the observation of a Bulgarian public notary and, after this process is finished, the new owner should present the changes brought to the firm at the Register of Enterprises in the country.

Also, the buyer will have to employ the executives of the company and after this process is completed, the enterprise can start its activity; investors who want to buy a shelf company are counseled to accept the legal assistance from our company formation agents in Bulgaria, who are accustomed with the local legislature and taxation system.

The following infographic contains information about shelf companies in Bulgaria:

Features of a shelf company in Bulgaria

Who can buy shelf companies in Bulgaria?

Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs can easily buy ready-made companies in Bulgaria, taking into consideration the requirements regarding the ownership transfer. A shelf company can activate in any sector, as long as the operations are permitted by the Bulgarian legislation. There are no complex formalities when it comes to the transfer of the ownership of a shelf company in Bulgaria, nevertheless, we recommend you talk to our company formation agents in Bulgaria and solicit in-depth support.

If Bulgaria is among your favorite business destinations, we advise you to consider the services of our accountants in Bulgaria. In this way, you will ensure compliance with the current legislation, as well as the implementation of the updated changes. On the other hand, the most important accounting procedures involve bookkeeping, payroll, audits, and submission of annual financial statements.

The following video presentation might help you:

Are there any risks when buying a ready-made company in Bulgaria?

No, there is no need to consider any risk connected to the purchase of a shelf company in Bulgaria because the acquisition is completely safe. Such a company is kept on a shelf as a registered firm without having activities and therefore no debts, allowing abroad entrepreneurs easily start doing business in Bulgaria.

However, if you still have doubts about the ready-made company you want to buy in Bulgaria, you can solicit company due diligence and ask our team of consultants about this procedure. Company due diligence is the type of procedure that shows anything you need to know about a company: if it has unpaid taxes, if it is in debt and if it has owners before. A verification is normally recommended in such cases, and if you would like to know more about your shelf company before acquisition, do not hesitate to talk to our specialists.

Do you want a startup in Bulgaria? Our local agents can handle the preparation of the necessary documents, including the Articles of Association. It will also be necessary to reserve a business name, as well as to open a bank account, aspects that we can take care of immediately. You can contact us online or by phone to find out more about the services offered, but also about the personalized offers.

How fast can I purchase a ready-made company in Bulgaria?

Once you address your inquiries to our team of company formation agents in Bulgaria, the process of ownership transfer of the shelf company begins. There are no harsh requirements and if the documents are approved by the Bulgarian Trade Register, you can buy the company within a few days. 

Do I need to travel to Bulgaria to buy a shelf company?

There is no need to travel to Bulgaria to purchase a ready-made company in this country, as the entire procedure can be observed and handled by our team of consultants. Our team can solicit you to send a set of notarized documents, in order for us to start the proceedings and act on your behalf with a power of attorney. As for your responsibilities, we mention that the documents of the company need to be signed, notarized and sent by you.

The difference between a ready-made company and a traditional firm in Bulgaria

Purchasing a ready-made company or registering a company from zero are two business options for foreign entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. If you consider you do not want to invest time in opening a company from scratch, the proper option for you is to purchase a shelf company in Bulgaria and get straight to business. Skipping the registration formalities makes numerous investors choose the easy way of doing business through ready-made companies at their disposal. In the case of company registration in Bulgaria, the things are quite simple because there are a few important steps to respect, such as choosing and verifying a business name, open a bank account, register for tax purposes, apply for licenses and permits, hire staff, etc. regardless if you are interested in shelf companies or in starting a business from scratch, you should ask our team for support.

Reasons to buy a shelf company in Bulgaria

The main purpose for buying a shelf company in Bulgaria is intensely connected to the short time in which such a business can become useful. Another significant feature is that a shelf company is already listed at the local institutes and the only aspect which has to be taken into consideration is to communicate the legal adjustments after the business was bought. The following are also important reasons to consider when deciding for a shelf company in Bulgaria:

  1. Entrepreneurs can obtain a  ready-made company, which is a type of enterprise which had no previous occupation.
  2. Simultaneously, foreign investors can also buy a shelf company which had actions in a particular domain that you may be interested in, which can offer you stability on the Bulgarian market.
  3. Even though the purchase of a ready-made company may be comparable with the incorporation process of a new enterprise, the main modification is set by the time spent with this process.
  4. A shelf company has no activities and therefore no debts registered.

FAQ about shelf companies in Bulgaria

1. Do I need to travel to Bulgaria to buy a ready-made company?

No, there is no need for you to come to Bulgaria to buy a shelf company, as our team can handle the entire process if you provide us the needed documents.

2. How fast can I start the business in Bulgaria?

It takes only a few days until the ownership transfer of the shelf company is concluded. Once the company is registered in your name, you can commence any activities you want.

3. Are there any fees involved in a shelf company purchase?

The registration process of a shelf company in Bulgaria is subject to specific fees, but in-depth details in this matter can be offered by our team of consultants if you decide to work with us.

4. Does a shelf company have debts?

No, there is no need to worry about any debts connected to a vintage company due to the lack of activities on the market. Company due diligence can be requested by foreign entrepreneurs in order to avoid any doubts.

5. What documents do I need to prepare for purchasing a shelf company in Bulgaria?

The identification documents, and the signatures are required at the time you want to purchase a ready-made company. We recommend you to talk to our team of company formation agents in Bulgaria and see the ways in which they can handle the entire process.

6. Does a shelf company in Bulgaria have a bank account?

A bank account can be opened as soon as the vintage company in Bulgaria is purchased. The formalities are straightforward and can be handled by our specialists.

7. Is the tax registration required for shelf companies in Bulgaria?

Yes, tax registration is the next important step to consider when buying a shelf company in Bulgaria. According to the Bulgarian laws, companies, regardless of the structure, must be registered from a tax point of view. Talk to us and ask for assistance.

8. When do I receive the ownership of the vintage company in Bulgaria?

As soon as the documents are accepted, the shelf company will be delivered right away. The ownership transfer of a read-made company in Bulgaria is made in approximately one day.

9. Do I need a company due diligence for a Bulgarian shelf company?

Normally, there is no need for a company due diligence considering that such a structure presents confidence due to no financial activities or hidden problems. However, future owners can ask for such procedures and get in touch with our specialists for assistance.

10. Can I get the support of an agent for buying a shelf company in Bulgaria?

Yes, it is quite recommended to solicit the assistance of a Bulgarian agent when deciding on a shelf company acquisition. One of our specialists can handle all the formalities and can help foreigners enjoy a fast start on the Bulgarian business market.

Extra details about shelf companies in Bulgaria

With the help of our specialists, both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs can benefit from a fast registration of a vintage company. Besides preparing the documents for the ownership transfer (including translation), our agents will handle the tax registration, apply for company stamp, obtain the EORI number if it is the case, and send the documents for foreign clients. There is a series of formalities that can be covered by our specialists in Bulgaria for a vintage company, so customers will have the guarantee that each aspect is properly managed from the start. Additional services can be solicited from our team, so it is best to talk to us and see how you can be helped.

Making investments in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an excellent business destination for foreign investors due to its climate benefits. In addition to the incentives provided by the government to attract as many entrepreneurs from abroad, Bulgaria has a stable economy and offers optimal solutions to simplify business management. In addition, the experienced workforce, the possibility to register a company without difficulties, the well-implemented reforms, the advantageous taxation system compared to other European countries, the favorable tax legislation are some of the benefits offered to international players.

Tourism, the real estate sector, and the production, IT and communications sectors are some of the fields that already host companies with foreign capital and that benefit from a healthy business climate.

The legislation of the business environment offers the same rights, both to the local and to the foreign entrepreneurs, without any restrictions regarding the activities. Here are some facts and statistics that underscore the macroeconomic direction of Bulgaria:

  • In 2019, the total FDI stock in Bulgaria stood at approximately USD 52 billion.
  • In matters of simplified business formalities, the 2020 Doing Business report ranked Bulgaria 61st out of 190 worldwide economies.
  • Bulgaria imposes one of the lowest corporate income taxes in Europe, set at a 10% rate.
  • The Netherlands remains the main investor in Bulgaria, followed by Germany, Austria, and Italy.
  • Nearly 2% of the GDP was sustained by the net inflow FDI in Bulgaria, during January and October 2019.
  • Besides the solid and beneficial tax regime, Bulgaria offers low costs of living, a skilled workforce at affordable costs, and political and economic stability.

Working with our Bulgarian agents

Interested in buying a shelf company in Bulgaria and start the activities? We suggest you get in touch with our company formation agents in Bulgaria and benefit from support and assistance from the beginning. Our professional team collaborates in complete transparency and professionalism with the clients, to achieve excellent results. The experience in the company formation area is beneficial for our customers who can rapidly start their activities, once the business is registered with the relevant authorities. 

Please feel free to contact our company incorporation agents for additional information about a shelf company in Bulgaria.