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Set up a Joint Venture in Bulgaria

Set up a Joint Venture in Bulgaria

A joint venture in Bulgaria is a business made by two or more partners (foreign and Bulgarian), which are also considered shareholders. This entity considered a legal partnership is quite popular in Bulgaria, due to numerous benefits that come with it. Our Bulgarian company formation specialists can provide you with complete guidance and information if you want to set up a joint venture in Bulgaria. You can also receive details about how to register a company in Bulgaria, according to the Commercial Code and laws in the country.

Registering a joint venture in Bulgaria

If you have decided that a joint venture is a proper entity you wish to establish in Bulgaria, it is recommended to ask for suitable help and assistance from our Bulgarian advisors in company formation, who can support you in every step of the company registration process.  The first step is to reserve a name for your company, draft the Articles of Association, open a bank account and register for the social contributions in the country. Besides that, the joint venture contract needs to be notarized and registered with the Registry Agency of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, in the Bulgarian language and another foreign language. The same agreement must also be registered with the Commercial Register in Bulgaria, where details about trademarks and assets need to be provided.

Bulgarian laws are permissive for overseas entrepreneurs who want to establish a joint venture in the country. Financial services, energy, pharmaceuticals or insurance are preferred sectors entrepreneurs choose to open joint ventures in Bulgaria. You can receive complete guidance in this matter if you solicit help from our company formation agents in Bulgaria.

Authorizing a joint venture in Bulgaria

We remind that the joint ventures in Bulgaria are fully allowed and there is no condition regarding the number of local partners who want to enter in a JV. The same goes for the investors who want to create a joint venture in Bulgaria, alongside with local businessmen. Authorities in Bulgaria agreed on a set of particular measures to encourage the foreign investments in Bulgaria that come under a JV entity, where special incentives are adopted given the sum of investments.

We can offer a range of accounting services for those who want to establish a company in Bulgaria or own one. Thus, our accountants in Bulgaria can take care of bookkeeping, payroll, internal and external audits, preparation of annual financial statements, and more. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and benefit from complete services in this regard, no matter the type of company you have or activities implicated.

If you want to open a joint venture in Bulgaria, we kindly invite you to contact our team of company formation representatives in Bulgaria, who can also help you with the company registration procedure.