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Fiscal Representative in Bulgaria

Fiscal Representative in Bulgaria

A fiscal representative in Bulgaria is the same thing as a tax representative. This specialist can handle the registration of local and foreign companies for VAT payments in Bulgaria. Also, a fiscal representative in Bulgaria has other responsibilities, and in the following lines, you can discover some of them. We specify that our company formation agents in Bulgaria can represent you in these steps when you start the process of company formation in Bulgaria.

Registration for VAT in Bulgaria

Companies from non-EU countries that want to have activities in Bulgaria must be registered for the payment of taxes. VAT is the most important tax, and to be able to make the necessary registration, you need a tax representative in Bulgaria. This fiscal representative in Bulgaria can be a natural person or an entity established in this country. Here are some of the responsibilities:

  • The fiscal representative prepares the necessary documents for VAT registration and requests a tax code.
  • The documents must be translated into Bulgarian before being presented to the authorities.
  • A fiscal representative or agent in Bulgaria can register a company for VAT payment only with power of attorney.
  • The fiscal representative will also take care of the VAT payment, according to local procedures, and will ensure that the companies in question comply with all protocols.
  • Also, a tax representative in Bulgaria submits periodic financial statements.

We advise you to use our services if you want to set up a company in Bulgaria and appoint a tax representative. We can provide the necessary assistance in such cases and we can represent you before the local authorities.

Can a fiscal agent represent me before the financial authorities?

In addition to the responsibilities specified above, the fiscal representative in Bulgaria can also deal with other things. He or she can be present in the case of tax inspections. As he knows the situation of the respective company, he/she can provide concrete and complete financial data and collaborate with the Bulgarian financial administration in charge. We are here if you want to open a company in Bulgaria and appoint a fiscal representative.

Do European companies need fiscal representatives in Bulgaria?

There is no obligation to appoint tax representatives in Bulgaria for companies from European countries. Practically, this representative tax is rather compulsory for companies from non-EU countries. In this case, we recommend you, if you want to open a startup in Bulgaria and you come from a non-EU country, to consider the services offered by our tax representative.

Activities for which a fiscal representative is needed in Bulgaria

If your company deals with the import and export of goods from non-EU countries to Bulgaria, you must first appoint a fiscal representative. The company cannot operate on the market until it is registered for VAT payment. The same is valid for companies that deal with the purchase of goods from non-EU countries and supplied in Bulgaria. This tax representative can take care of the required formalities and also collaborate with the tax authorities in question.

VAT rates in Bulgaria

The standard VAT rate in Bulgaria is 20%, and it applies to most goods and services available on the market. Lower VAT rates apply as follows:

  • A 9% VAT rate applies for hotel accommodation services in Bulgaria, general tourist services, and use of sports facilities.
  • There is no VAT for bread and flour, exports of goods to non-EU countries, etc.

A fiscal representative can collaborate with our accountants in Bulgaria, so do not hesitate to discuss all aspects with us. You can contact us online or by phone whenever you want to find out about our services, including company incorporation in Bulgaria.